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learn. grow. build.
innovate. cultivate.

Welcome to the Australian Cannabis University

learn. grow. build.
innovate. cultivate.

Welcome to the Australian Cannabis University.

“Without a sense of humor, you can’t change the law”
– Dolph Cooke

About the acu 

The only uni that encourages you to grow cannabis!


The Australian Cannabis University is a not for profit community of like-minded people, aiming to bust through the political nonsense and to get the cannabis plant the legal recognition that it deserves.  Together we learn about the plant, how to grow it naturally, how to process it for health purposes, how to work through diseases naturally and much more.

Our headquarters is nestled in the middle of 3000 acres in heart of Northern Rivers, in which all of our members are invited to visit and help us look after the land. A physical university is becoming a reality, with the first toilets and cabins being design as we speak.

Through our history, cannabis has been used as a medicinal treasure, but somewhere along the way the bad guys have planted an ugly stigma onto our plant, and we are here to take back our basic human right to benefit from this natural wonder. 

We need 10,000 members to put together a mandate and force the Australian government to listen.Let’s make history!

– Dean Of Green Dolph Cooke



join us

For just $1.00, you can join the Australian Cannabis University. We are aiming to get 10,000 members so that we can change the law! Not only will you be helping us push over outdated laws, but you will have access to our ever growing database of learning material and will be in direct contact with our experts. 

coming Events

Here are our up and coming events!
Invitations to help out are extended to all of our students plus their friends and family who are interested in learning more about the ACU. Invitations to come learn more are extended to everybody. Here is a full list of events to come. Email us for more details on events that you are interested in. Don’t miss out!

March 21 - 23rd 2019

Join us at the United in compassion symposium. Tweed Heads NSW.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday. ACU get-together each night for a debrief and brainstorm. Wear your ACU t-shirts and lets make a show of it.

UIC Symposium.


April 20th - 21st

ACU open day/working bee from 9am!

2954 Kyogle Road
Kunghur, New South Wales, Australia 2484

Our open days are an excellent way for you to get involved in the uni and volunteer your time to help build our collective vision. We will be having a working be in the back farm pulling out weeds. We don’t have all the basic equipment so any gardens tools you could bring would be very appreciated. 

That night we will also have a bio-char burn and dinner, everyone is welcome to stay. No skills are needed just your two hands and willingness to help out. 

We are very grateful for our uni members and hope you can all make it!

3 , 4 and 5th of May 2019

Join us at the Mardigrass in Nimbin 2 large locations HEMP expo. Come to help us run the ACU stalls and enjoy the industry events. All help is welcome / needed! 

We would like a float in the parade as well so put your thinking caps on.

Mardigrass website



Help us reach the goal so we can provide more accommodation at the Uni farm. Here is the link


Lets Talk!

The ACU* is a community and we are there for each other, so if you have questions that haven’t been answered here on the site, need help with products or just want to introduce yourself, leave us a note here and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can! 

Please note. * Only available for members.

If you wish for further contact details, once you join you will be directed to the members home page where our conatct details are displayed.

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